United Way
of Massachusetts Bay
and Merrimack Valley

2017 Tocqueville Celebration (Photos)

Celebrating 30 years of generosity and commitment to United Way, nearly 100 Tocqueville Society members spent a spectacular evening together at Gillette Stadium’s Optum Field Lounge. Hosted by the Kraft family, guests were treated to an unforgettable experience on the field’s end zone as members enjoyed posing for photos with the Super Bowl LI trophy and ring and seeing their names flash across the big screen.

Malcolm Mitchell, New England Patriots Wide Receiver and founder of the Read with Malcolm youth literacy initiative, shared his incredible personal journey with literacy and his passion for promoting reading among students in Title I schools and underserved communities.

Ben Taylor, former Boston Globe publisher, and his wife, Kate received the 2017 Tocqueville Society Community Excellence Award for their outstanding work in the community over the last four decades. And Judi and Bill Rosensweig were formally introduced as the new Co-Chairs of United Way’s Tocqueville Society Council.

Other guests in attendance included United Way Board member Patti Kraft and her husband Jonathan; Robert Kraft; Josh Kraft; WCVB-TV GM Bill Fine and his wife, Gail; United Way board chairman, Steve Krichmar and his wife, Karen; and United Way president Michael Durkin.