Tocqueville Member Spotlight: Kim Reinert

Photo (left to right/back to front): Derek Wessel, Kim Reinert/Caitlyn Wessel, Nathan Wessel, Matthew Wessel

Kim Reinert is one of EY’s great community champions. She’s  been a dedicated United Way advocate, volunteer, and donor for 15 years. Kim, Derek and family have also been  members of the Tocqueville Society since 2010.

Giving back to the community is not just a passion for Kim, it’s a way of life. She says that being a Tocqueville member allows her to make a personal investment in her local community.

“I give to the United Way because of the overall engagement and impact it is making in communities close to home not only with the agencies, but with United Way sponsored programs and co-sponsored community programs,” she says

Kim is currently the Vice Chair of United Way’s Women United group. In addition, she’s often seen paying it forward by serving as a mentor and sharing her experiences in career and philanthropy with the members of United Way’s young professional women’s group, WINGs (Women Investing in the Next Generation).

Kim has also participated in various hands-on volunteer projects at United Way, such as organizing food for thousands of families in need at The Thanksgiving Project or providing resources to hundreds of new and expecting mothers at the annual Community Baby Shower.

She often involves her children in these projects, passing on a passion for giving back to the community. “Opportunities to engage and volunteer in the community with my children at a young age, has instilled in them a sense of volunteerism that I know will continue into their adulthood,” says Kim.

“Reading essays from my son on his volunteering with the United Way or hearing my daughter talk about regularly volunteering at a local Boys and Girls Club, reinforces to me the importance of ongoing engagement in the community as a family.”

A Partner at EY for the past 10 years, Kim’s successful career spans more than two decades in the industry. A proud Boston College alum, Kim is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPCA) and the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants (MSOPCA).