Campaign Checklist

Your campaign Checklist

  • Determine your campaign start and end date.
  • Build your team. It takes more than one person to run a successful campaign! Bonus: With companywide representation, people will be more excited and inclined to participate.
  • Set a strategy with your Relationship Manager (RM) (Don’t forget to incorporate an Advanced Leadership Giving campaign and strategy!) Don’t know who your RM is? Email Sarah Reilly.
  • Set a campaign goal – whether it’s dollars or percent of participation – and confirm that goal with top-level management. Did you know? A goal provides a rallying point for your whole company and allows employees to work together to reach an achievable result – even if you’re not in the office together.
  • Plan virtual events and schedule communications to employees.

There are several online giving options available for your company’s campaign. Talk to your Relationship Manager to find out more about the options that will fit your campaign and help make it a success.