AmeriCorpsWorks: Connor Koch

I joined the United Way of Massachusetts Bay AmeriCorps program with a strong drive to bring equity to the field of education. Bringing my background of sociology from Providence College to Veterans Elementary school in Gloucester has helped me to understand the diverse challenges English learners face. I look forward to taking my experience and knowledge gained from this year to pursuing a career in public policy and creating positive change in the field of education.

Together with a great team of ESL and classroom teachers,  we have helped build English learning students’ academic skills in a variety of ways. One of my favorite growth stories from this year was watching newcomers in my 1st-grade class go from struggling to write a simple sentence to now being able to write an opinion paragraph. They are currently in the process of writing an opinion piece on what kind of class pet they should get! I also have the pleasure of helping the students with their social-emotional learning. Being one of two male teachers in the school helps me to build close relationships with many of the students. I am not only enjoying them growing academically but emotionally as well. I look forward to creating a lasting positive impact on their daily lives throughout the rest of the year!