United Way
of Massachusetts Bay
and Merrimack Valley

Everything you need to run an incredible employee workplace campaign.

Congratulations – you’re an employee campaign manager!  Now what?  Below are the resources you’ll need to make your workplace campaign successful.

Employee Campaign Manager Planning Guide

2016 Campaign Planning Guide

Start here. The timeline in the Employee Campaign Manager Planning Guide will help you organize your campaign, from your initial meetings with Senior Management to thanking and celebrating your donors.

Download the Planning Guide (PDF).

Pledge Cards

2016 Pledge Card

The Standard Pledge Card is the ideal giving tool for individuals, filled with options to make giving as easy and convenient as possible.

Download the Standard Pledge Card (PDF)

2016 United Way Annual Campaign Leadership Pledge Card

Leadership Pledge Cards give high-powered donors the opportunity to take their impact to the next level.

Download the Leadership Pledge Card (PDF)


The Greater Seacoast New Hampshire Pledge Card delivers a localized giving option for Granite-staters.

Download the Greater Seacoast New Hampshire Pledge Card (PDF)

spanish pledge card

Spanish Pledge Cards offer translated giving options.

Download the Generic Spanish Pledge Card (PDF) or the Standard Spanish Pledge Card with Mass Bay customization (PDF).


Keep Overview Brochures handy throughout your campaign to help employees understand the impact of their donation.


Download the Mass Bay Overview Brochure (PDF) and the Seacoast NH Overview Brochure (PDF)


The What We Do brand book contains information about United Way’s mission, approach, strategies and focus areas.


Download the Mass Bay Brand Book (PDF) and the Seacoast NH Brand Book (PDF)

Sample Communications


These templates are designed to make communications with employees as easy and convenient as possible. All documents are uploaded as Word DOCs.



Looking to get the most out of your workplace campaign? These resources will help make sure this year’s edition is one for the ages.